Triple Savings Offer honeymoon

The best offers of Al Sidr Al Fakher

537 SAR 387 SAR

This savings offer is designed based on the repeated requests of customers, especially lovers of Sidr honey, and their demand to provide a larger quantity at a lower price.

This offer is characterized by:

  • contains 3 Asalon Sidr honey packages ( best selling item )
  • Each package size is 500 grams (half a kilo) so that it is easy to distribute / gift / use.
  • savings discount b( 150 ) riyals from the original value.

The honey used in this package:

(The new quantity was only checked in the honey quality laboratory in Saudi Arabia and it met Saudi and Gulf specifications and standards..

The new samples were prepared for sending to Germany .)

** Available Quantity: 2 kg maximum per customer

Why buy from Asalon?

1- Because we tested all our honey in Germany.

2- All our honeys have a quality inspection certificate.

3- Conforming to Saudi and Gulf specifications.

4- Glass containers to preserve vitamins and minerals.

5- Sophisticated packaging to be presented as luxury gifts.

6- Refrigerated places and approved by the Food and Drug Authority.

7- Free shipping to all cities of the Kingdom.

8- Express delivery in Riyadh within 24 hours.

9- Provide the feature of payment upon receipt.

10- If you do not like honey, get your money back immediately.

Sold Out 95 Time وتم تقييمه
  • 537 SAR 387 SAR
عيسى الشمري 3 days ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
لذيذ ،ذو جودة عالية
عيد الجهني 2 weeks ago
هل على هذا العرض الضمان الذهبي ؟
Assaloon 2 weeks ago
نعم .. الضمان الذهبي على كل منتجاتنا.

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